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Crazy Easy Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Soooo, I'm not a cook. This can be confirmed by basically my entire family or anyone who knows me for more than a week. It's just never been my thing. That being said, I am preparing meals ahead of time more and more these days in an effort 1) make the healthiest choices possible and 2) save money. That means more cooking at home and less eating out. These responsibilities typically fall to my very capable husband, but I want to contribute at least once and while, so I decided to try making a knock-off version of one of my favorite foods: Fried Rice! For those of you who have followed our social media pages or website for a while,...

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Raise-a-Bottle for Dawn

This week's Raise-a-Bottle Campaign recipient is a beautiful, vibrant mother of five girls. Dawn and her husband Mark are rallying a team and preparing a plan after learning that an enlarging lump in her left breast was malignant and also affecting her lymph nodes. As an RN, Dawn knows the importance of health, so this came as a shock to her family. She is relying on her faith as a Christian to help guide and comfort her, and she loves the promise of Jeremiah 30:17 which says, " I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the LORD..." You can contribute to Dawn's campaign this week with every purchase made through Sacred Arrow. Use the code "DawnsLight"...

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Prayers for Kayleigh

This week's Raise a Bottle recipient has my heart swelling simultaneously with grief and joy. I can only imagine what this family is facing watching their 7 year old battle an inoperable brain tumor, and to read her momma's words as she presses into Jesus is incredible. Jewelry, essential oils, earthly bodies - they will all be destroyed. This is all temporary. But THIS faith is so, so real. I'm honored to serve her as even a tiny pinky in the body of Christ.  You can participate in raising bottles for Kayleigh this week through every purchase made on our website. Jewelry items all contribute $3, and apparel items contribute $10. Use the code "Prayers4Kayleigh" to let us know you...

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Shandi Fights

Shandi Croncich is a vibrant mother of two young boys and wife to her husband, Will. She was nominated by a member of her Young Living team after recently being diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Shandi and her family are determined to fight, so that her boys can have the healthy, joyful mom that they have known and loved all of their lives. Every purchase made between the dates of September 6-12 using the code "ShandiFights" will automatically apply 5% off the total purchase and fundraise directly toward Shandi's Raise a Bottle Campaign. ($3 per jewelry item, $10 per shirt) You can learn more about Shandi and her family and help with expenses, if you feel so led, on her GoFundMe page.

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Exercise and Essential Oils

If you've been following Sacred Arrow this last year or so, you've probably seen us share more and more posts and blogs about health and fitness. We've always been a "crunchy" company with an emphasis on natural options and aromatherapy, but in the last year or so we've really embraced a more active office environment. The main full-time staff works out together every morning (really) Monday through Friday from 8:30-9:30am, and the other two part-time girls work out at the same gym at the crazy early hour of 5am. This is part of the culture of our company, and we love it! We've all found more energy, strength, and endurance, and we've collectively dropped an impressive number of jean sizes...

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