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Online Affiliates

Sacred Arrow exists to see the use of essential oils bless the lives of those around us in real, practical ways. We want the growth of our company to include not just our in-office team, but also retail locations, independent distributors, and also online affiliates who spread the joy of the oily life through website, blogs, and social media outlets. Which that in mind, we are launching an Online Affiliate Program with commission based incentives to share our products and mission.
Here's how our program works: Online Affiliates receive a private log-in to their affiliate dashboard where they can access a unique link as well as other affiliate tools. We encourage affiliates to consider the use of reviews, giveaways, and styling to share with their friends and followers. Any conversions made through that link will refer back to the Affiliate, and they will receive a base commission of 10%.
Here is a full breakdown of the Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions.
We are currently offering this program by invitation only. We reserve the right to invite affiliates at our sole discretion. Invitation does not automatically authorize the affiliate application. Please include your social media account names, websites and/or blogs and any other relevant information about your online footprint.

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