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Independent Distributors

Sacred Arrow was founded by women who want flexible, at home work that suits our schedules and our love of essential oils. We are now making our hand made, artisan jewelry available for those who are interested in sharing it with their communities along side their essential oils!
Here's how our program works: You will need to submit* an Independent Distributor Agreement and purchase your choice of Sacred Arrow Independent Distributor Starter Kit. This kit includes (1) Full Color 18 page “Look Book” Catalog, (1) Full Color Glossy Brochure, (20) Sacred Arrow Independent Distributor Business Cards, a variety of Sacred Arrow exclusive products (depending on your choice of Starter Kit), and an Independent Distributor Account that authorizes a 20% discount on all orders.
Once you have purchased your kit and submitted your agreement, you will receive an email from Sacred Arrow with your account details within 2-3 business days.
We do not have a weekly or monthly minimum requirement, so when you are ready to order more jewelry, you just log in to your account to shop at your convenience! You can then sell our jewelry at essential oil classes, online gatherings, or vendor booths to earn 20 (or more) percent for yourself.
Contact us for additional information.
* You can email a photo of your signed agreement to Please also make a copy for yourself and mail us a signed, physical copy to keep on file.