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About Our Materials

At Sacred Arrow™ we strive to provide you with the safest, healthiest and highest quality product available. As the first essential oil diffusing jewelry company to use leather as a diffusing material, we are very particular about the product we offer. We work closely with our leather provider to insure that the product we offer you is safe and clean.
All of our vegetable tanned leather is sourced from one American company that uses only American steer for hide and only tree bark tannins for the tanning process. There are no heavy metals or dangerous chemicals in our vegetable tanned leather pieces. They have been tanning leather since the 19th century, and they are the highest quality available! We also love that they go above and beyond federal and state environmental requirements to care for the future of our natural resources. 
We are also blessed to work with a fantastic leather working company that helps us bring our designs to life in new colors of premium leather, laser embossing our designs, and cutting a wide variety of styles! We are excited to continue working with them to bring you even more beautiful options. 

When you hear the word "coral" you likely immediately picture stunning, stony formations of reds, blacks, pinks and blues that make up the endangered coral reefs. These complex "rainforests of the ocean" deserve our protection and preservation. Please know that the soft, spongey coral we use as diffusers in our Summer Collection are not a stony reef building species. They are farmed as a crop (not dredged from reef structures) in Indonesia where blasting is banned. You can enjoy the beauty and function of this porous, white coral without worry.