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Raise-a-Bottle for Dawn

This week's Raise-a-Bottle Campaign recipient is a beautiful, vibrant mother of five girls. Dawn and her husband Mark are rallying a team and preparing a plan after learning that an enlarging lump in her left breast was malignant and also affecting her lymph nodes. As an RN, Dawn knows the importance of health, so this came as a shock to her family. She is relying on her faith as a Christian to help guide and comfort her, and she loves the promise of Jeremiah 30:17 which says, " I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the LORD..."
You can contribute to Dawn's campaign this week with every purchase made through Sacred Arrow. Use the code "DawnsLight" to save 5% off your total purchase and let us know you are shopping on her behalf (valid thru November 6th). Each item of jewelry adds $3 to her fundraiser and apparel purchases contribute $10. We are able to extend our 40% discount thanks to the generosity of Young Living and raise as many bottles as possible through this program. 
You can also visit Dawn's GoFundMe page here

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