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Prayers for Kayleigh

This week's Raise a Bottle recipient has my heart swelling simultaneously with grief and joy. I can only imagine what this family is facing watching their 7 year old battle an inoperable brain tumor, and to read her momma's words as she presses into Jesus is incredible. Jewelry, essential oils, earthly bodies - they will all be destroyed. This is all temporary. But THIS faith is so, so real. I'm honored to serve her as even a tiny pinky in the body of Christ. 
You can participate in raising bottles for Kayleigh this week through every purchase made on our website. Jewelry items all contribute $3, and apparel items contribute $10.
Use the code "Prayers4Kayleigh" to let us know you are shopping for her benefit and to save an extra 5% on your entire purchase.
If you have some time, and you are willing to be both broken and encouraged, read the words from this momma's heart and pray for her baby:

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