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Labor Day with Sacred Arrow

Labor Day weekend is almost here, and we are gearing up to celebrate all your hard work and ours with the unofficial end of summer.  This holiday was established to embrace what makes America prosperous - a dedicated and strong work force!
I am so blessed to work with a team of amazing women that create a joyful office environment and a healthy business and ministry. This week we will be sharing a bit about each of them along with a 24 hour discount on their favorite currently available item. 
First up is Ana. She's the full-time administrator for our business, handling all kinds of duties from inventory management, contractor coordination, event booking, to social media. She is also my big sister! I persuaded her to join our team last summer right before Young Living's 2015 Convention - in fact, that was her first day on the job! Talk about trial by fire, right?! She left a great job with a ministry she loves to have more flexibility and time with her 11 year old son, Sam. It's such a joy to me to have her beside me every day and also to be able to support her job as a mom as the main priority in her life. 
Ana's favorite item we have in the shop this week is the 18" Stainless Steel Infinity Dream Catcher Diffuser Necklace. This cutie is entirely hypoallergenic, which she loves, because she has very sensitive skin. It's also perfect for a t-shirt, jeans, and converse kind of day, which is totally her style. 
Keep an eye out on our blog and social media pages this week for more team member information and opportunities to save! <3 - Jess

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