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Exercise and Essential Oils

If you've been following Sacred Arrow this last year or so, you've probably seen us share more and more posts and blogs about health and fitness. We've always been a "crunchy" company with an emphasis on natural options and aromatherapy, but in the last year or so we've really embraced a more active office environment. The main full-time staff works out together every morning (really) Monday through Friday from 8:30-9:30am, and the other two part-time girls work out at the same gym at the crazy early hour of 5am. This is part of the culture of our company, and we love it! We've all found more energy, strength, and endurance, and we've collectively dropped an impressive number of jean sizes (like, um, 9). We've also started creating more jewelry designs that work for the gym, because we like to incorporate essential oils like Oola Fitness, Motivation, and Peppermint into our routines.
These "miracle molecules" do more than just inspire focus, they also support the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to keep oxygen flowing through your body, so you can keep pumping! Check out this great study on Peppermint essential oil and exercise from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition for more information. Now, this study uses Peppermint oil internally, but just the aroma alone has been shown to reduce perceived effort and improve mood! Slap that on your Athletic Lava Bracelets or Nape Diffuser and see what it does for you! 
And that's just ONE of many amazing essential oils that can help improve exercise performance. There's also all the oils that help with recovery and umm...stinky gym bagitis? (Hello, Deep Relief and Purification...I'm looking at you!) Keep an eye out for another blog post about nutrition and essential oils that help support muscle development and post-workout comfort.
Lastly, I'll leave you with a Kettle Bell Workout designed to kick your booty! Rub a few drops of Motivation on your diffuser jewelry and get to work. If you try this workout, be sure to use the hashtag "sacredarrowselfie" and show off on Instagram!
If some of these exercises are new to you, here's a great resource with details for various kettle bell moves.

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