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Addi's Army

Addison Sinclair is a beautiful little girl full of life and spunk. When we read the Raise a Bottle submission sent in by her family friend, Alaina, we knew this was a special family. After speaking to Alaina on the phone, I was so confident that we had to do whatever we could to serve this family - especially her mom. As a mother to four kiddos, the youngest having just turned five, the very notion of battling against cancer in my child's body truly shakes me to my core. That struggle and hurt quickly resolves into a desire to fight, and that's exactly what this family is doing. Every purchase made between the dates of August 1-7 using the code "AddisArmy" will automatically apply 5% off the total purchase and fundraise directly toward Addi's Raise a Bottle Campaign.
($3 per jewelry item, $10 per shirt)
Here's what her parents have to say on their family blog: 
"They came and got us, and brought us into a small consultation room. Doctors, Interns, Nurses…all filled in with us. We were anxious to get the results of the biopsies. We knew that the lungs didn’t have Cancer, so the growth in the stomach had to follow this pattern.
As we sat down with some optimism, that quickly dissolved. The Head Nurse was carrying a box of tissues. I did a quick scan of their faces and not one smile. I wanted to scream…
Too late. They shut the door. That is when I knew we went from the Good News Path back to one full of anxiety.
And that’s when I knew our life was going to change. The doctor didn’t have to say a word. But he did.
“Your daughter has Cancer…”
It rolled off his tongue like he was telling me that my car needed new brakes. ...
I wanted to take her breathing tube and suck every ounce of Cancer out of her.
We don’t want you to read this and feel sad. We don’t want you to look away. We want you to read this and smile because THIS STORY WILL HAVE A HAPPY ENDING.
We want you to read this and grab a loved one and hold them longer. Enjoy every moment with them. Who cares if the house is not picked up? Who cares if you spent the day in your PJs? Ask Addison what today is, and she will say,
It’s a Present.
Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Yesterday is History.
She’s right. Today is a present. Enjoy every ounce of it."

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  • Audrey McCaffrey

    I am so moved by your story, thank you for sharing it with us. Never give up Addison! You are a strong little girl with a beautiful smile. Keep looking forward to the present of today and the mystery of tomorrow.
    Sacred Arrow, you never cease to amaze me with your kind and generous hearts. Thank you for making such a difference in the world.
    <3 Audrey

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