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Which Diffusing Necklace? Choose by Neckline!

Choosing the perfect necklace can be fun or frustrating. Sometimes having some style inspiration or a simple guide can make all the difference! Try these various styles to compliment your outfit beautifully.

Halter: Try a multi-strand style that accents the collar bone and flatters the strong style lines.

Boat neck: A long, relaxed necklace doesn't conflict or compete with the sweeping curve at the shoulders of a boat neck top.

Crew neck: This neckline so versatile, and we think a short and simple Nape Diffuser is a great option, but you could really pair this with so many styles.

V-Neck: A strong pendant style is a great accent to the classic fit of a tailored v-neck.

Scoop Neck: Make a statement! A scoop neck tee is a great option for a fun, bold necklace.

Strapless: A strapless style just begs for a sparkling stone.

Asymmetrical: Try a large, striking necklace to highlight the slanting shape of an asymmetrical top.

Turtle Neck: An ultra long pendant necklace accentuates the elegance of the classic turtleneck and flatters this neckline so well.


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  • Dunia

    Great post. I can’t wait to own my own diffuser necklace.

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