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Let's Take a Road Trip

With summer officially in full swing, our family is looking forward to an upcoming trip to Salt Lake City for the Young Living Grand Convention! Y 'all, it is a LONG way from Dallas to Utah and we have a talkative six year old and a very squirmy three year old and did I mention - we. are. driving! We will be in the car for about 23 hours and we are not CRAZY enough to leave home without serious provisions and a plan! We're planning to pack tons of yummy snacks, make plenty of stops along the way for the potty and leg stretching, but also, we'll be packing an arsenal of oils to keep us all sane! :) Here are just three of the things we'll for sure use on our trip! 
Thieves Hand Purifier - If you have kids, you know they touch all. the. things. This little secret weapon is a must-have on road trips when we're in and out of gas stations, tourist traps, and exploring all the nature we can get our hands on. Literally. 
Peace and Calming - This is a MIRACLE worker with calming the kiddos and helping them rest. A wonder in the car, this oil is also helpful at bedtime when the babies are out of their normal surroundings as it adds a familiar smell from our home bedtime routine and helps settle them after a long day of vacationing. 
Peppermint - We love peppermint for road trips because of the double whammy we get with this one oil. Not only can it help keep my husband alert for those long stretches of driving (cause let's be honest - I do almost none of the driving), but also it's a great oil to have onhand for supporting healthy digestion when we get stuck eating those less than stellar gas station hot dogs. 
Don't forget, as you travel this summer, to include your most loved oils in your carry on and always always always have a carrier oil with you. 
Happy trails! 

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  • Lori

    I’ve always wanted to do the northwestern US coast: northern CA to OR to Washington state.

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